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Sizegenetics has started giving me curvature (more accurately a twist).

I hear what the other have said below, and the tension is far too high that it's almost unusable and unbearable for a new user. I persisted through the first month in pain after about 15 minutes of use each time but I just stuck to it. I got to the point I could use for 30 minutes straight on the first tension line before my head turned blue and got numb (cut of the blood circulation).

So I started using for less time but with more tension (between first and second lines)......big mistake!

My penis has never had a twist in it but now does. I have done nothing different except try to use this torture device "as per instructions" and it's left me with a twisted penis.

It's ironic because these devices are proven to help curved penises so from what I can gather I have injured my penis because I have used at tension that is far too high. The Sizgenetics high tension is a marketing ploy. Once I started to notice the twist I stopped using but the twist remains (it's not huge, but it's noticeable and I've always had a nice straight shaft before using). Since, I have read over about 15 different studies and the only reliable and successful trials have been conducted far below 2.8kg (did I mention I did not even get to the half way mark?). So yes what others here have said is true.

Sizegenetics is riding off the back of genuine products that do work safely but hyping that more tension will give "faster and safer" results. Balony and I'm proof! It will give you a sore penis and side effects.

If you ask then about money back because the product si dangerous or has caused you injury you will get no response. You've been warned.

Last parting words, check out the small print on their website:

"The SizeGenetics device does not guarantee permanent penis enlargement"

"Most powerful” claims are based on the device tension of 2800 grams and the fact that after a review of the market there are no other clinically proven devices with this tension"

- Well unless someone can tell me otherwise, I have not found one clinical study using Sizegenetics at 2800 grams. The patients would all drop out because their penises had fallen off. This company is so so so bogus! Wtf

Reason of review: Side effects and injury.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

SizeGenetics Cons: Painful, False advertising, Dangerous product, Side effects, Injury.

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