Willemstad, Curacao

So i ordered my pens extender from size genetic and i noticed that the *** extender is designed for people with at least 3 inches of ***. Now although that sounds normal..

my *** is about half an inch to small for their *** extender. Nowhere on their site does it say anything about you having to be a certain size in order to use their *** extender. I was so bitter after i spent nearly 250 on a *** extender that doesn't even fit! I looked into it afterwards and found out that X4 Labs has a mini version that would have been perfect for me!

So Size Genetics is a scam! http://shallwemate.com/***-extender/size-genetic

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Sizegenetics gave me side effects. I believe the tension is much to high - using is very uncomfortable and you can't use it very long due to that.

You need to use a *** extender for hours each day to get good results, I just could not use for longer than 20 or 30min.

There are much better *** extenders other than sizegenetics, do your homework, it will pay off for you in the long run.

I went through about 3 brands before finding one I was happy with. Good luck men!


I don't know if I would call it a scam just because you didn't fit, I mean I feel for you but if they are a legit company they should have been more than willing to help you, and if they didn't I guess you could say they would be grounds to call them somewhat of a scam company.

Any decent company should not get you to send it back to a different country, there's something weird going on there I agree.

I have heard they use a non medically proven and dangerous amount of tension in their devices so I decided to buy something else, not risking my manhood just for some hype about dangerous tension will give you faster gains.

I think that is B.S and any serious PE'er will tell you the same thing, tension needs to be kept around 1000-1200 grams for extended periods. Anything higher just causes pain and discomfort so you can't put in the hours you need to.


They do have a return policy you know. oh wait your just trying to advertize for the other guy. nevermind.


Return policy is a farce. You have to send it to England, even though they have a US address.

You have to have a tracking # which costs a fortune. I sent it without one and they say they never received and reckon that is a lie.


Someone needs to revoke your man card. No man admits to having to use a pen1s extender. Especially admitting that you needed a small one.


You apparently did not receive all of the instructions with it. On mine, the directions say in cases like yours, to take a wooden mallet, place your member on a hard surface(like a kitchen table), and pound it flat until it is stretched both length and side-wise.

8-10 whacks should do the trick. Let us know how it goes.