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This products claims are pure BS.. it is not comfortable at all, you can't just wear it under your clothes and go about your day, Totally untrue...

Very different to put it on and have it stay in with the items they supply in the kit..the bare minimum possible which makes the whole process even more difficult... The foam piece that goes around your penis is so small that it's impossible to slip the round rubber strap over it without it wading up and pinching your skin very badly. So unuser friendly .could be so much better with just a little extra effort in there part... The concept is great but because if the short cuts and cost cutting measures makes the product a major pain and not as practical as it could be..

which is a shame for how much they charge.. Additionally there Instructional DVD video would not play on any of the DVD players in my house(5)...took a week of trying to get any instructions from the company...then just directed to a crummy web site...

Product or Service Mentioned: Sizegenetics Penis Extender.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Do you know of anything that actually works?


Penis extenders are the most clinically proven way, other than surgery. Just look for a legitimate one because sizegenetics claims are all fake.

The tension they use is unsafe. The real products that were tested and proven in clinically trials never went over 1500 grams (or 1.5kg).